The Application of Thermal Printing Paper in the Medical Industry

The Application of Thermal Printing Paper in the Medical Industry

Time: May 19th at 4:53pm

Thermal label paper is a type of self-adhesive label paper. The surface paper of this type of label paper is made of paper treated with a high thermal sensitivity thermal coating. There is a adhesive layer at the back of the paper for pasting and fixing, and the bottom layer is the bottom layer of paper for maintaining the adhesive layer. After printing, the bottom paper can be torn open and used. The bottom paper can be divided into general blue, white, and imported Grazin base paper. Generally, thermal printing paper is not waterproof, oil resistant, and can be torn.

The difference between thermal label paper and copper coated label paper is that thermal label paper does not require the use of co carbon tapes, while general copper coated label paper requires the use of co carbon tapes.

1. Types of thermal label paper

Currently, there are generally two types of thermal label paper on the market: general thermal label paper and three types of anti thermal label paper (waterproof, oil resistant, and alcohol resistant), with a significant price difference. Thermal label paper is suitable for various industries such as supermarkets, catering, hotels, banks, communication, hospitals, and small fruit shops. It is convenient and affordable as it does not require cooperation with carbon strips.

Thermal printing paper

2. Common standards for thermal label paper

The standard for thermal label paper is generally determined based on usage needs, in millimeters (mm). Common single label standards include 32 * 19, 40 * 30, 53 * 30, 60 * 65, 80 * 50, 100 * 70, etc. The width is generally not less than 15mm, and the basic width is not more than 100mm. Special standards need to be customized, and common standards can meet daily usage needs.

Thermosensitive printing paper self-adhesive labels are used as recording materials in medical and measurement systems, such as electrocardiogram drawings, thermal instrument recording paper, etc. Thermosensitive paper can be used to print electrocardiograms, record patients' electrocardiogram, and serve as an important basis for physicians to diagnose and analyze patients. It can be said that the progress and maturity of medicine nowadays cannot be separated from the support of modern technology. In the past, doctors emphasized the importance of observing, listening, and inquiring, while modern scientific instruments can intuitively detect the physical condition of patients. Coupled with the rich medical experience of doctors, they can accurately distinguish the patient's physical condition, and achieve targeted treatment. It must be said that this is the advantage of modern medicine. And thermal paper non drying labels provide drawings for the recording of advanced instruments, which can be said to be an indispensable part of this process.

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