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Guangdong Tianlong Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan city, the known "world factory capital", with a registered capital of 50 million. Main: all kinds of POS machine paper, ATM voucher, movie ticket paper, publicity materials, posters, exhibition rack, easy, leaflet, page printing and all kinds of books and periodicals, cashier production and production, is China UnionPay business, Communication payment, Maoyan film and other enterprises, cooperation suppliers for many years.Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "I focus, so I am professional", take the professional production route, the factory area of more than 5000 square meters, the introduction of more than 20 outdoor photo machines, large inkjet machines, high-precision UV print...

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Tian long printing, advanced equipment

Company introduced Japan imported lumbar (Miyakoshi), sun palace (Taiyo) rotary press, automatic gathering machine, torn pages machine, struggle the cutting and rewinding machine, fully automatic packaging machines and other equipment, can complete the typesetting printing, plate-making, production cut piece of sealing side, stiletto flip, distribution, packaging through-train service, and the company to do the numerical control management, Printing precision, color xian li, can satisfy all kinds of printing requirements.
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Cash roll paper consumables

Blank thermal paper

POS machine thermal sensitive rolling paper


Bank / institutional unit consumables

ATM, machine paper

Double draft

Cashier's cheque

Cinema / scenic area consumables

Entrance ticket

Ticket coupon (exchange coupon, roll type movie ticket)

Membership card / gift card of

Collection / payment code card consumables


Acrylic OEM / OEM


Why choose us?

Advanced printing equipment

The company has advanced printing equipment in the industry, an eight color sun machine, and a full range of printing sizes. The double diameter large drum makes the printed products more vivid and solid in color

Experienced printing master

The company has hired experienced printing masters in the industry and has been deeply involved in the printing industry for 15 years. They can easily handle various difficult printing tasks such as multi-color printing, multi-color stacked printing, and seamless printing

All kinds of equipment are complete

The company has complete equipment, including paper rolling and slitting equipment, and various fully automatic packaging equipment. Can meet various production and packaging requirements of customers

Convenient transportation

The company is located in Dongguan, near Shenzhen and Guangzhou, with convenient logistics and transportation

Independently developed management system

The company has independently developed a management system for the printing industry, which can accurately control various costs. And can timely control the production efficiency of each order. Not only does it improve production efficiency, but it can also effectively save management costs


Three application fields of thermal paper
May 19th at 5:22pm

Three application fields of thermal paper

Thermal paper is usually used to print sales tickets in gas stations, supermarkets, convenience stores and other places. In this case, the thermal paper must be economical. Usually
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What is the function of thermal paper and why is it used
May 19th at 5:15pm

What is the function of thermal paper and why is it used

The surface of the thermal paper is smooth. When the thermal paper is heated, the colorless dye reacts with the chromogenic agent to produce color. When the merchant uses the therm
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What is the difference between the three prevention and one prevention of thermal printing paper
May 19th at 4:51pm

What is the difference between the three prevention and one prevention of thermal printing paper

Three proofing thermal printing paper refers to waterproof, oil resistant, and PVC resistant (alcohol resistant, scratch resistant). The basic three proofing thermal printing paper
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