What is the difference between the three prevention and one prevention of thermal printing paper

What is the difference between the three prevention and one prevention of thermal printing paper

Time: May 19th at 4:51pm

The proportion of thermal printing paper and label paper in our daily lives, as well as the market prospects of thermal printing paper, are why some people privately ask me, "What are the three protections of thermal printing paper?" "What is the difference between the three protections and one protection of thermal printing paper?" So, I will explain it to you today.

One heat-resistant printing paper:

A heat-resistant printing paper refers to waterproof (it is only a small amount of water and cannot be soaked in water). It is basically made of ordinary materials, with a smooth surface and clear printing. But basically able to meet the needs of general retail stores, labeling and other industries, the important thing is that the first prevention is cheaper than the third prevention.

Thermal printing paper

Three proof thermal printing paper:

Three proofing thermal printing paper refers to waterproof, oil resistant, and PVC resistant (alcohol resistant, scratch resistant). The basic three proofing thermal printing paper can only provide waterproofing, oil resistance, and PVC resistance.

In addition, the three proof thermal printing paper generally uses hot melt adhesive, which is much stronger than the one proof thermal printing paper and more suitable for labeling substrates with uneven surfaces.

Relatively speaking, a piece of heat-resistant paper has many advantages, and it is easier to tear off after being pasted. So when purchasing heat-resistant paper and three proof thermal printing paper, one can choose according to their own product needs.

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