What is the function of thermal paper and why is it used

What is the function of thermal paper and why is it used

Time: May 19th at 5:15pm

What is thermal paper? Why do businesses generally use thermal paper printers?

Most common thermal paper cashier receipts

With the widespread use of the cashier system, the cashier slip, cashier paper and ticket machine are essential! Thermal paper is a kind of special coated paper, and its appearance is similar to that of ordinary white paper.

The surface of the thermal paper is smooth. When the thermal paper is heated, the colorless dye reacts with the chromogenic agent to produce color. When the merchant uses the thermal printer to print, the text and text will be displayed.

Because there are many kinds of colorless dyes, the writing colors are different, including blue, purple red, black, etc. That is to say, thermal paper is a special kind of coated paper that gives energy and heat energy to the surface of the paper to change the physical or chemical properties of the substance developer and obtain images.

Due to the development of electronic communication industry, thermal paper is not only popularized in individual families in the form of fax paper, but also widely used in various fields such as commerce, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, airports and so on. The variety of thermal paper printers is increasing, and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider.

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Thermal label printing paper is a common thermal paper extended to the label field in recent years, and has developed rapidly. Merchants usually use thermal paper for labels and bills. It is a combination of thermal paper and self-adhesive labels. Apply self-adhesive to the back of the thermal paper and compound it on the anti stick paper for the label to be printed. More are used in supermarkets, tea shops, clothing labels and other industries. Thermal label printing paper is more applied to label printers. When purchasing label printers, it is necessary to distinguish between carbon tape printing or thermal printing or dual-mode printing, that is, both thermal printing and carbon tape printing!

For most merchants who use the cashier system, the thermal printer has become the standard configuration. The biggest advantage of thermal printer is that the cost of consumables is low. It does not need the corresponding carbon tape, grinding powder and other consumables, which greatly reduces the use cost for the subsequent use of businesses, so it is favored by businesses!

The above is the introduction of the function of thermal paper.

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