Three application fields of thermal paper

Three application fields of thermal paper

Time: May 19th at 5:22pm

Thermal paper is used in many fields, including POS machine, fax machine and other types of transaction voucher documents.

1. POS printer

Thermal paper is usually used to print sales tickets in gas stations, supermarkets, convenience stores and other places. In this case, the thermal paper must be economical. Usually, it uses a low-cost thermal color developing coating, and the printed small ticket will fade quickly, and there is basically no problem of archiving. The paper used as the base material is very thin, 48-50 microns thick, and feels very cheap. 60-80 micron thick receipt printing paper with higher weight is more durable. Thermal printing paper used by POS machines accounts for the majority of thermal paper sales.

Thermal paper

2. fax

Traditional thermal printing fax paper has many characteristics of thermal paper used for POS receipts. Fax paper is thin and cheap. People who have used thermal paper in fax believe that the quality of all thermal paper is low and inferior to other paper. This is a false impression. There are obvious differences between thermal fax paper used in ship communication equipment and thermal paper used in POS. The thickness varies greatly, and there are certain requirements for document retention time. The requirements for thermal development coating are also higher than those for POS machine thermal paper. Thermal paper used in ship material supply is usually used as weather fax paper and car clock printing paper. Common specifications (width) are: 57~58mm, 110~112mm, 210mm, 216mm, 257mm, 260mm, 305mm, 320mm, 360mm and 400mm.

3. transaction documents (documents)

Transaction documents include contracts, guarantees, invoices, etc. The industries that generate transaction documents include: public security, on-site service, route sales, insurance policies, and transaction documents must be clear and readable. Many of these files also need to have a professional appearance. When the transaction document is printed or delivered to the recipient under unsatisfactory environmental conditions, the document should be able to withstand adverse conditions, and the printed image will hardly fade and blur. In addition, many transaction documents must meet legal filing requirements. For these reasons, transaction documents should be printed on thermal paper of higher quality than point of sale receipts and faxes.